"VERUM" Legal Firm is ready to offer its help in addressing of a wide range of legal issues. We are a young, ambitious company, which represents the interests of the Client and is ready to provide him with a unique experience of each employee.

Team of "VERUM" Legal Firm - is vigorous, broad-minded professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in the field of jurisprudence. Unique mechanism for professionals attracting, created by us, allows to bring to work on specific projects of a highly qualified staff with experience in similar issues. This approach allows us to provide a quality product in the shortest period of time.

"VERUM" Legal Firm is guided in its activity with criteria of complex analysis of circumstances, creative approach to solving problems of the Client, quality performance of legal work, using special technology, clear price calculation, reporting on each case, responsibility and competence.

Since its incorporation in 2011 “VERUM” Legal Firm has been involved in a number of major transactions in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad.

In particular, “VERUM” Legal Firm provided the following:

  • structuring and legal support for acquisition of large deposits of precious metals and minerals in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as analyzing and advising to companies - subsoil users on various issues relating to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on subsoil usage;
  • structuring and legal support for M & A transactions;
  • legal support for project of construction and operation of hydroelectric power station in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as on construction and operation of various research laboratories;
  • advising and legal support on issues related to substances being in limited transferability, as well as subsequent transactions on the stock exchange;
  • analysis and advice on the issues related to substances being in limited transferability, including production, purchase, transportation of such substances;
  • structuring provision and legal support to raise funds from various sources.

Also, “VERUM” Legal Firm has experience in legal support of the whole current activities of the Client. So, we provide support for activities of the international department of the telecommunications equipment manufacturing company in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries, including (i) issues to supply equipment, installation and maintenance of such equipment; (ii) licensing issues, (iii) participation in tenders and procurement issues, (iv) issues related to tax and customs legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and (iv) other issues arising in the course of business for supply and installation of telecommunications equipment in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“VERUM” Legal Firm had the honor to work with such companies as: Kazakhmys Corporation, Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft Corporation, IRG Kazakhstan, JSC Kazakhaltyn, as well as with the largest companies in oil, gold and coal mining industries.

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with experience in international legal firms and legal departments of the major international companies.